Introduction To A GED Test

A GED test or GED exam is like a diploma for students who couldn’t complete their high school for any reason. GED stands for a general educational development test which is a standardized test in the United States. The initial purpose of this test is to help students get a second chance at competing in the corporate world.

Why Is A GED Exam Used?

A GED exam is like a second chance for students who either drop out of their colleges or stop their education at some point. As this world is driven by academics these days, it is really important to have a college degree otherwise, you are left with no reputable corporate job. This is why students often take a GED online exam which acts as their diploma and makes them eligible to work in the corporate world even if they don’t have a degree. Your online GED exam score helps you in getting better jobs. Meaning; that the higher your GED exam score is, the better jobs you would be offered.

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What Does A GED Exam Consist Of?

A GED exam is a pretty long exam that is based on four sections and is of four twenty-five minutes in total. In hours, that would be roughly seven hours or more. You need to brace yourself for this exam because it is really lengthy. The division of the entire GED exam is as under:

Section one: Mathematical Reasoning

This section is to test your basic understanding of mathematics and includes basic algebra, basic math, geometry, graphs, and functions. This section is to be completed in one hundred and fifteen minutes in total.

Section Two: Reasoning Through Language Arts

This section is sub-divided into two sections: Writing and reading. This section deals with finding out your command of the English language. It also gauges your proficiency in grammar and hidden meanings. You get one fifty minutes in total for this section.

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Section Three: Social Studies

In this section, you have to read or find out the meanings based on the context in social studies. You also have to analyze historical events and arguments and use numbers and graphs for finding out historical details, all in seventy minutes.

Section Four: Science

Lastly, the science section is all about interpreting and designing science experiments. 20% of which is based on earth science, 40% on physics, and the remaining 40% on biological subjects. You are allotted ninety minutes for this section.

Is It Wise To Take Online Exam Help For GED Exam?

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