A GMAT is an abbreviation for a graduate management admission test. Consider this test as the first step to becoming a part of the business school. If you are passionate about joining a business school, you would have to appear in a GMAT exam. The best part about this exam is that you can also take this test remotely!

What Is A GMAT Online Exam?

Yes, you read it just right! You can take a GMAT online exam too! Since the GMAT online exam is a computer-based, multiple-choice, computer-adaptive exam, you can take it online too! This exam was initially developed by the GMAC test makers to provide business schools with a medium for assessing the credibility and potential of the applicants. You might think that your GMAC online exam score will only determine your admission to your business school. However, let us unveil this piece of information for you; your GMAT exam score will also add some weight to your overall business school application. You might want to excel in this exam because it is also going to help you in building an everlasting impression on the viewer of your application.

What is the GMAT exam comprised of?

The GMAT online exam is comprised of four separate sections. The gist of the entire exam however is based on some critical thinking and critical analysis skills. Despite this, the entire exam is divided into four distinct sections. Although these sections would be graded individually all the grades would contribute to generating your final score which will determine your admission to the business school. The division of these sections is as follows:

Analytical Writing Assessment

Pretty evident by the name; this section will be the assessment of your analytical writing abilities. For this section, you will be given thirty minutes only. Thus, you should have a very strong command over your writing skills for you will be evaluated on the basis of your writing potential.

Integrated Reasoning

In this section, you will be given graphic interpretation questions, multi-source analysis questions, two-part analysis questions, and table-analysis questions. All of these will make a total of 12 total questions and the allotted time for this question will be thirty minutes at max.

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This section will be comprised of a total of thirty-one questions out of which fourteen to fifteen questions will be related to data sufficiency while sixteen to nineteen questions (on an average) will be related to problem-solving. For this section, you will be provided with sixty-two minutes in total.


Lastly, the final section of this GMAT online exam is the verbal section. In it, you will be given twelve reading comprehension questions, ten critical reasoning questions, and fourteen sentence correction questions. All of these rounds are up to thirty-six questions in total and the time allotted for this section would be sixty-five minutes.

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