GRE Test

A Guide To GRE Test

A GRE is an abbreviation for the graduate record examination. Usually, students who are looking forward to pursuing a career in law or business schools would be appearing on the test. It is a specialized program that welcomes both; college graduates and undergraduates alike. A GRE test is a must for entering any law or business school.

What Even Is The Purpose Of A GRE Test?

The purpose of an online GRE exam is pretty simple; to evaluate the candidates who are looking forward to building a career in law or business. It is an admission exam that was established in 1949 as a basic and simple two-step online exam that in the beginning constituted a verbal reasoning section and a quantitative reasoning section. Later on, it evolved into a much more defined entrance exam that is still to this day being refined to check on the credibility of an individual. Applicants from diverse backgrounds are welcome to take the GRE online exam however, all of the applicants will have to appear in the same exam and they will be short-listed on the basis of their scores.

What Is The Pattern Of Online GRE Exam?

The GRE exam is comprised of three sections (mostly, however as we mentioned earlier, the sections are subject to the institute and their requirements). Each section is to be completed in thirty minutes and the grace time is five minutes per section which brings a total of thirty-five minutes per section. The total of the complete test is 105 minutes. Overall, the GRE exam is not lengthy in terms of time consumption but we won’t say that it is an easy procedure. Anyhow, the test is divided in this way:

Section One: Verbal Reasoning

This section is supposed to decipher your ability to read between the lines. You will be required to accurately guess the intended meaning behind context-based sentences. This section contains roughly twenty questions. However, in institutes that only have two sections, the number of questions in each question might vary.

Section Two: Quantitative Reasoning

This section is usually derived from mathematical concepts. But, don’t fret if you are not a math person because these concepts are not rooted in intellectual-level mathematics such as trigonometry, calculus, etc. However, this doesn’t mean that the questions won’t be tricky. Since it is a GRE exam, the questions would be difficult to figure out despite the fact that it is basic math.

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Section Three: Analytical Writing

Pretty evident by the name right? In this section, you will be asked to showcase your writing skills by writing an essay in mere thirty to thirty-five minutes. The category of the write-up would for obvious reasons be argumentative since you are to enroll in a law school. Your argumentative essay should be striking enough to convince the checker that you are worthy of this admission.

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