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To be precise, the HESI exam and HESI A2 are both correct! Initially, it stands for Health Education Systems, Inc. As for A2, A2 stands for Admission Assessment so technically calling it the HESI exam or HESI A2 doesn’t really impact anything because both of them refer to the same entrance test. This test also goes by the names Evolve Reach and Evolve Reach A2.

What Is The Purpose Of the HESI Exam?

A HESI online exam is a test conducted to evaluate your credibility for admission in the nursing field. If you are wishing to join the nursing field and are looking forward to registering yourself in a nursing school, you will have to give an online HESI exam. Enrolling in a nursing school begins with evaluating students who have what it takes to pursue a nursing career. If you are really passionate about a nursing career, be prepared to give an online exam that is going to be the reflection of why you are credible of joining this particular field. How well you score on your online HESI exam will determine your chances of pursuing this career. The alumni of the school that you are planning to join will consider your profile only if your HESI exam grades are good enough to convince them. Consider this exam as the first test to impress your nursing school alumni.

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What An HESI Exam Is Comprised Of

Your HESI exam syllabus is based on the nursing program that you are opting for. Most of the nursing programs require the applicants to be clear in eight subjects belonging to the HESI curriculum. However, some nursing schools also have lesser subject passing criteria and have a few selected subjects. Primarily, a HESI online exam includes these eight subjects:

  • Basic Math
  • Grammar
  • Physics
  • Reading Comprehension
  • General Knowledge & Vocabulary
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Anatomy & Physiology

These are the prime eight subjects that you will have to be asked for in your online HESI exam. The exam will be divided into sections based on the subjects and under each section there will be five questions. There is no hard and fast rule that all nursing schools will conduct their HESI exam based on all eight subjects. You will have to ask the nursing school alumni which subjects should you prepare for in terms of your HESI exam.

Additionally, there are a few nursing schools that are upgrading their HESI exams by adding an additional sub-test to them. This sub-test is now more popularly known as the HESI critical thinking exam. Thus, you should also ask your concerned nursing school whether they are taking this critical thinking exam from the candidates or not.

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