PAX Exam

An Insight Into PAX Exam

If you are planning to pursue a career in nursing, then you must know that in order to get admission to a nursing school, you will have to give a PAX exam. Through this exam, the supervisors or the authorities will get to know the skill set that you have and whether it matches the requirement for admission or not. Consider this PAX exam as the first lock that you have to pick in order to start a nursing career.

What Exactly Is A PAX Exam?

Pursuing a nursing career begins by getting admission to a proficient school that offers nursing programs. If you are to bag admission in your desired nursing program, you will have to pass an exam that will show everyone why you are suitable for the particular career. To prove it, you will have to give an online exam that tests your potential and knowledge based on the fieldwork that you are expected to do. In general, the more you score on your PAX online exam, the higher your chances you have of getting admission to your desired nursing school. A PAX exam reflects your primary knowledge of nursing to the alumni of the school over which they gauge your potential to be a part of their organization. Therefore, you might want to give your best in this exam to show that you have the potential to be a part of their organization.

Get To Know More About A PAX Exam

If you are planning to appear in the PAX exam, then you must first know what to expect in the online PAX exam. As we mentioned earlier, you have to first prove your proficiency in the first-hand knowledge of nursing which has to be via an online exam. The PAX exam is a lengthy exam that is based on three sections:

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Section 1: Verbal Ability Judgment

The first section is supposedly a test of your verbal capabilities and has questions that are based on word knowledge and comprehension. It roughly has 60 questions and you are allotted 45 minutes to finish this part of your online exam.

Section 2: Mathematics

The second section has to do with your knowledge of mathematical problem solving and has 40 questions in total. The concepts explored in this section are related to basic mathematical concepts, algebra, geometry, etc.

Section 3: Knowledge Of Scientific Concepts

This last question is once again based on a 40-minute test and includes topics ranging from Biology, Social Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, etc. Just like section 1, this section also has approximately 60 questions for you to solve.

All in all, the PAX exam is based on two hours and five minutes. You have to give your best in this allotted time if you are to get admission to a good nursing school.

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