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SAT Test Guide

SAT is an entrance test that a college board conducts to recruit undergraduate students for studying abroad. It was an abbreviation for Scholastic Aptitude Test once but since the purpose of SAT evolved, the education committee found it right to drop the original abbreviation. Now, the SAT online exam has a much different purpose.

SAT Test Importance For Students

If you are a student who wishes to study abroad in a well-reputed college or university, you will have to take an SAT online exam. There are a few universities that also grant admission based on the scores on the ACT as well but SAT exam is still the more prominent one. An SAT exam is to be taken at higher secondary academic levels such as colleges and universities. You won’t have to appear in an SAT online exam on a primary level. The main aim of an SAT online test is to check whether the student is ready for college or not. In addition to this, your SAT scores will also help you in getting admission to a good college or university in the United States. The better your grades are on the SAT exam, the better college you’ll get admission to!

What Is The Structure Of An SAT Exam?

The SAT exam is based on four sections and you are allotted 230 minutes to complete the entire exam. This means that you have to roughly complete the entire SAT exam in three hours and fifty minutes. Sounds hefty, right? This time is however divided into different sections, the breakup of which is as follows:

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Section One: Math

This section is based on fifty-eight questions to be exact. You will be allotted almost eighty minutes to complete this section. Since the purpose of this section is to evaluate your mental math, you won’t be allowed to use a calculator for the first half of the exam.

Section Two: Writing & Language

This part of your SAT exam is based on your average reading exam for which you will have to complete forty-four questions or tasks in about thirty-five minutes. This section will gauge your word choice, grammar, and similar language-related things to measure your command over the language.

Section Three: Essay

Pretty evident from the name once again, this section will be a test of your essay writing skills. This portion of your SAT online exam is entirely elective. You will be asked to write one complete essay in fifty minutes. In this section, you might also be asked to critically evaluate a piece of writing.

Section Four: Reading

Lastly, the easiest part of an SAT exam is this section which we are pretty sure that you will nail this part. You will be presented with a handful of passages to read and then you will be expected to answer fifty-two questions in approximately sixty-five minutes.

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SAT exams are really important for your academic career abroad and the scores can range anywhere between four hundred to sixteen hundred. The better you score on your SAT exam, the better your chances are of bagging admission to a good college or university. If you have always dreamt of studying in an abroad college or university, you might want to get expert help online to help you with your online SAT exam. Not only will it help you score well but will also ensure that you are mentally ready to take this exam and are eligible enough to appear in the SAT online exam. In addition to this, if you score better with online SAT exam help, you will also get admission to a top-notch university that will bloom your academic career!

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