Are you planning to get admission to any nursing school or thinking to opt for any nursing course, then you will definitely have to take the TEAS exam. It is not necessary that all nursing applicants have to go through this standard, however, the majority of nursing schools have made the TEAS exam necessary for the students to pass if they are willing to start their career in the nursing discipline.

What Is TEAS Exam?

Test Of Essential Academic Skill in short TEAS is an exam that students have to give who have applied for the nursing program. This online exam is used by Universities and Nursing schools to check the academic capabilities and intellect of the students. The TEAS online exam measures the student’s performance and predicts how well the student can fit in this discipline. It checks whether the skills and capabilities of the students match the requirements of the nursing program or not. Thus, a good score on your TEAS online exam can help you to get into your nursing program easily. However, there are certain nursing schools and universities that give admission on the basis of transcripts, grades, recommendation letters, and personal statements.

Things You Should Know About TEAS Exam

Are you planning to give TEAS exam online? Then there are a few things that you should know about this online exam. This Test Of Essential Academic Skill will evaluate students’ knowledge of various subjects and checks their academic proficiency in the field of nursing. In this online exam, there are actually four small tests. The TEAS exam is divided into four sections:

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SECTION 1: Reading

In this section, your reading power is validated. You have to answer 53 questions using the ideas and knowledge given to you.

SECTION 2: Mathematics

In this section, you will have to solve 36 questions of basic mathematics such as measurements, algebraic equations, word problems, etc.

SECTION 3: General Science

This section comprises 53 questions based on life sciences, human anatomy, physiology, and scientific reasons.

SECTION 4: English Language

In this section, your writing power, vocabulary, and knowledge of the language are evaluated. You have to solve 28 questions in this section.

In short, you have 170 questions in total and you are given 209 minutes which means you are given 3.5 hours to solve your exam. TEAS exam cost varies between $65 to 140$, depending on which institute you are giving the online test. Where else, every institution has its own set of rules for the TEAS exam, however, some universities allow students to give the exam more than one time while some allow it more than twice.

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