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Dos and Don’ts to Take Online Courses at Coursera

If you want to become a top-performing student, taking online courses is a great option for students and professionals. Whether you have to study extra because of your syllabus demands or struggle to manage your schedule because of your job, online course help learning can help you deal with any barriers in between your studies – all thanks to Coursera.

This is a platform designed for all kinds of people who want to learn. They have free and paid courses that cover all possible subjects to offer you an amazing variety.  So if you want to take a course at Coursera, here is what you should and should not do!

The Dos Of Taking Online Courses At Coursera

Write Your Goals                               

What is the point of taking an online course when you don’t even know your goal or purpose? Knowing your goals is important because it can help you stay focused and plan your journey accordingly. In fact, it will also help you to select the best course for yourself from Coursera. So are you taking an online course to understand your subject better or to improve your career? Or are you taking an online course just because you love this subject? Whatever your reasons are, consider them and then decide your goals accordingly. Writing them down will help you remember your purpose while taking your online course. 

Set Up A Space

If you are taking your online course from Coursera, you will certainly be taking it from your home. Now, this is going to be a completely different learning experience and you will have to prepare for it accordingly. Hence you need to have a proper study space to make sure that you are able to learn properly at home. So start with designating a peaceful corner of your home just for studying and keep a desk and chair there. Moreover, you should keep your study material and notes there so that you won’t have to get up in between.

Plan Your Time

Learning online, you will realize that you have free time to yourself and that can be tempting for many students. This amount of freedom can be dangerous and hence you need to plan your routine to avoid wasting time. So start by noting all the important deadlines to design a schedule for yourself to keep yourself on track. Moreover, planning your time will help you keep ahead of your course curriculum and make time for other important things. This will also help you avoid all those last-minute panics and mishaps because of bad time management.

Practice Accountability

Not having an authority figure around you feels nice but creates new problems if you are a student. Online courses are known to be flexible and designed for independent learners. This means that you will have to hold yourself accountable even in those times when you really don’t want to study. So start setting boundaries with people and tell them you are studying to avoid getting distracted. Moreover, you will need to set boundaries with yourself and stop yourself from wasting time. If doing this is hard, just find yourself a study buddy who can also be your accountability partner for help.

The Don’ts Of Taking Online Courses At Coursera

Just Listen

You must be listening to why you aren’t supposed to listen to the lecture while taking your online course. Well, this is because you need to do more than just listen to your course if you want to learn. Studying actively means that you use the maximum strength of your senses and engage yourself as much as you can. So instead of just listening, take notes by yourself in the form of pointers while taking your online courses. If you have the option, engage with your fellow students on online forums to have educational discussions.

Avoid Breaks

Studying online does not mean that you can never take breaks. The best way to study especially when you are at home is to take short breaks every now and then. Taking online courses can be tiring and like all other parts of your body, your brain needs breaks too. A good way to do this is to take a 15-minute break after every hour to recharge yourself and then go back to studying. Just remember not to get carried away while taking breaks and start wasting time instead of going back to studying.


Taking online courses seems like an opportunity for a lot of students to do many things at the same time. However, you need to be careful not to fall for that trap because it will affect your learning. Do might think you can do something random such as your chores while taking your online class? It is simply not possible to remember everything you are learning in your online class unless you are completely attentive. Hence multitasking will not make you productive but instead decrease the amount of information you learn in the course.

Make Excuses

If you are learning an online course, you will come across many barriers and you will have to face them. If you missed your online class or lag behind because of internet problems or a busy schedule, you need to find solutions. Remember that it is normal to face barriers but that does not mean you lose hope and give up altogether. Since you are learning independently, it means that you will have to find it all by yourself. However, this does not mean that you cannot ask for help, there are people around you, just reach out!


Online learning has become pretty common thanks to all the benefits it offers you. Whether you are a student or a graduate, it is never too late to upgrade your knowledge through online learning. Coursera is a huge online learning platform that offers you a great opportunity to learn anything you want. So now that you know these tips for do my online course, you can be confident enough to sign up for a course right away. We hope this blog motivates you to choose a course right away and start learning. Good luck!

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