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Dos and Don’ts to Take Online Courses at EdX

Online courses are a great way to boost your knowledge in any area without investing too much. Through online courses, you can learn while saving time, money, and effort. This is why millions of people today, regardless of their age, are learning through online mediums. One name that stands out the most in these mediums is EdX. This learning platform is a go-to website for more than 9 million online learners from all over the world. With over 3500 online courses, you can find whatever interests you and start taking your online classes.

However, there is a right way to do this and we have made a list for your ease. So let’s get into how you can take your EdX online classes at EdX to avail maximum benefits.

The Dos Of Taking Online Courses At Edx

  1. Identify Your Needs

This is the first and the most important step because it’ll help decide whether you need these courses or not. So think about why you are considering doing an online course in the first place. Is it because you want to understand your field better or is it because you want to grow your skills? Or are you taking an online course to add something impressive to attract employers? Work on understanding your reasons to make a better decision while choosing an online course.  Doing this can also save you from wasting your time and money on an online course you don’t actually need.

  • Explore The Platform

Just knowing your needs is not enough, you should know whether this platform offers you the best solutions or not. In fact, you might just skim through the homepage but there might be more things you need to discover. You won’t find everything on their homepage so remember to do thorough research to find what you are looking for. For example, there might be free alternatives for their paid online courses. Or you might find more service features on their website that can benefit you if you use them.

  • Set Goals

If you want to study effectively, you need to set goals for yourself on a daily basis. These daily goals can be your driving force to motivate you to study every single day and complete your coursework. Moreover, you can also set weekly and monthly goals depending on your deadlines to make sure you submit everything on time. Remember to write down these goals and place them in sight to get a constant reminder. By doing this, you can stay on track and feel good about reaching your goals. Doing this will also help you feel motivated to achieve more.

  • Designate A Study Area

Let’s get this straight, you won’t be able to study when you are half asleep with your laptop in bed. As an online student, you need a proper study area to get the most out of your study sessions. So place a desk and chair in a quiet corner of your home and make sure it is well-lit. Apart from this, it should have enough ventilation so that you don’t feel uncomfortable studying there. Finally, keep some snacks and all your study materials there to study without any interruptions. Preparing for studying is a great way to get maximum results.

The Don’ts Of Taking Online Courses At Edx

  • Neglect Your Needs

Studying does not mean that you neglect all your needs and give up on yourself. This is a wrong approach to studying and it not only affects your health but also your performance and results. Online learning can be bad for your health if you don’t take breaks to get up and stretch your muscles. It is not only bad for your eyes but also for your brain and learning. So take short but consistent breaks from time to time to increase the blood flow and maintain your health.

  • Forget To Socialize

As an online learner, it’s pretty common for students to lose touch with everyone. However, learning when you’re feeling lonely is not a good idea and decreases your chances of success. Studying in groups is one of the best ways to study so find yourself a nice study buddy. It doesn’t have to be someone you already know, you can find people to study with on the internet. Moreover, make sure of the discussion forums to clarify your confusion instead of doing everything alone. If someone else knows the answer, it will save you time researching everything.

  • Waste Time

When you have a flexible schedule to study, you might think ‘why don’t I watch my favorite show first?’ Well, you can tell yourself that you can study later but we all know that ‘later’ never happens. At least not until it is too late and you have no time left to submit. Well, you need to avoid such disasters by making sure that you don’t waste your precious study time. You can do this by setting a schedule for yourself, avoiding long breaks, and prioritizing your studies. So use your time for studying before you decide to do anything else.

  • Underestimate Yourself

Look, we all have moments where we feel we are not good enough to accomplish our goals but that is not true. These feelings not only ruin your mood and self-esteem but affect your performance too. If you end up hitting a snag along your journey of studying online, remind yourself that you can overcome it. Whether you miss out on a deadline, a class, or anything else that’s important, let it go and try to do your best from that point to avoid making that mistake again. Believe in yourself and have motivation; it will make you a successful online student.


If you are planning to learn through an online platform, you are signing up for future success. Online learning is a great way to work on yourself and improve your career and academics too. One of the best ways to learn online is to sign up for EdX online courses. Their online courses have a lot to offer you – only if you use the right strategies to take them. So follow our tips above and avoid the don’ts of taking online courses and you will find yourself succeeding in every way possible!

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