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What is GED Test Scoring and Passing Criteria

Are you a studious person who is consistently trying to pass the GED Test with high grades? But before going into this, it’s important for you to understand each subject’s test score and passing criteria thoroughly. Getting your GED exam is a life-changing step in your career because it opens up plenty of opportunities for you. You might be thinking, can you take the GED Test online? Yes, you can take it right from the comfort of your home. However, understanding how the GED test is scored and what you need to pass can be hard without help. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the GED test so you can feel confident about taking the GED exams.

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Understanding the GED Test & Passing Score

The GED test is like a second chance for people who didn’t finish regular high school but want a certificate that’s as good as a high school diploma. It checks how well you know four main subjects: Language Arts (Reading and Writing), Math, Science, and Social Studies. Each part of the test looks at important skills you need for college and jobs.

Understanding how the GED test is scored is really important to make a good study plan and increase your chances of passing. Here’s a simple explanation of how the scoring works:

Scoring Range: Each subject test gets a score between 100 and 200 points.

Passing Score: You need at least 145 points to pass a subject test.

Overall Passing Score: To get your GED certificate, you need a total score of at least 580 points across all four subjects.

Scoring Tiers: These tiers help you understand how well you did:

Below Passing Scores from 100 to 144.

Passing: Scores from 145 to 164.

College-Ready: Scores from 165 to 175.

College-Ready + Credit: Scores from 175 to 200.

Tips for passing the GED Exam

Earning a passing score on the GED test is something you can do if you prepare well and have the right attitude. Here are some important things you can do to help you with your GED test:

Get Ready

Use different study materials like textbooks, study guides, practice tests, and online stuff to get used to what the test looks like and what it covers. Set specific hours studying each subject, especially the ones you need more help with.

Make a Plan

Make a study plan that matches what you’re good at and what you need to work on in each subject. Find specific topics or ideas that you need to focus on more, and spend extra time studying those. Break your study time into smaller parts to stay focused and get more done. Don’t forget to take small breaks to refresh your mind.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes things go smoothly! Doing lots of practice tests and using online stuff can help you feel more ready for the real test. After each practice test, look over your answers carefully to see what you got wrong and figure out why. Yes, people make mistakes when practicing, but avoid them in. your real exam. That’s why you have to adjust your study plan to fix those mistakes.

Manage Your Time

Time management is like salt to a food during the test. Practice going at the right pace during practice tests to finish each part on time. Try to decide which questions are harder for you and which ones you can answer more quickly. Try to answer the questions you know well, and then, if you have time left, you can go back to the questions you think it’s hard.

Get Help

If you’re having trouble with something, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Your teachers, tutors, or people online can give you tips and help you do well on the GED test. You can also join study groups or talk with others who are studying for the test to share ideas and study materials. If you need more help, consider taking a GED preparation class or getting tutoring to work on the areas you are not good at.

Doing well on the GED test requires focusing more, planning smart, and staying positive. If you understand how the scoring works, set goals you can reach, and use good study methods, you can definitely improve your chances of passing the test and getting your GED certificate.

Taking the Online GED Test

Visit the website where you enrolled for the test on the day it is scheduled to be administered. Make use of the login credentials you get upon registration. To start the test, verify your identity, and proceed, follow the instructions. Make sure everything is fair by adhering to the guidelines when taking the test.

Try your hardest to thoroughly respond to every test question and manage your time well. Utilize the website’s resources to assist you in completing assignments and solving difficulties.

What’s Needed to Take the GED Test Online?

 If you want to take the GED test online, it is important for you to know what’s needed to take the test online.

  • Computer Webcam Internet
  • Private Workspace
  • Government Issued ID
  • Green GED Ready Score

Tools Available During the GED Test Online

  • Technical Help
  • Calculator
  • Scratch Pad
  • Whiteboard


In conclusion, understanding how the GED test is scored and what you need to pass is really important for doing well on this big test. If you learn about how the scoring works, set goals you can reach, and use good study methods, you can improve your chances of passing and getting your GED certificate. Remember, working hard and not giving up when things get tough are key to reaching your school goals. With the right help and support, you can start on a journey to a better future. And if you’re wondering, “Can I take the GED test online?” the answer is yes! Good luck with your GED test journey.

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